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A new Boutique Bed and Breakfast Hotel is opening in Austin!

For several years before we purchased it, Duke and Nancy Waggoner operated The Fairview Bed & Breakfast in the Travis Heights neighborhood in Austin, Texas. Now, after making The Fairview our family home for the past 14 years, we’re going to reopen it as a Bed & Breakfast Hotel.

Almost from the time we first returned to Austin in 1989, Vivian and I had wanted to move from our home west of Austin into the Travis Heights neighborhood. Something about this funky, artsy, in-town neighborhood with its tree lined streets and eclectic architecture appealed to us. Plus, we had a lot of friends who already lived there. So when we came upon an ad showing this incredible Greek Revival mansion for sale we laughed to think that we might actually be able to call such a grand property our home.  In 2000 we bought The Fairview from the Waggoner’s and proceeded to transform it from a hotel into a home for 3 generations of our extended family.

Now, 14 years later we’re turning back the clock and turning The Fairview back into a Bed & Breakfast.

The photo above from the old Fairview B&B shows some of the remodeling plans and promotional materials that the Waggoners used during their transformation almost 24 years ago. Now, it’s undergoing another transformation to bring The Fairview Austin up to date and see our vision of a modern B&B come to fruition. We’re modernizing bathrooms, repairing old plumbing, re-designing and renewing – it’s a major project that we’ve actually been working on for almost a year now. You’ll hear more about those details in future posts here.

For now, I’ll say that our vision is to do things a bit differently than what you might expect. While the exterior of The Fairview can seem imposing with its grand columns on the porch at the end of a long walkway from the street and the formal landscape surrounding an incredibly generous 1 acre lot, the interior is much more informal and even modern in some places. Our personal style is welcoming and casual, our decorating style modern and eclectic. Yes, you will find a few antiques, but next to them you’ll find a lot more modern touches (especially in the tech gear we use.)

Our tagline for the new Fairview is, “Get what you stay for” so that will be the name of this blog.

Visit us online, visit us in person – and tell us what you stay for. We’ll try our best to deliver.