It’s a lucky dog’s life.

Our dog, “Lucky“, likes to travel too. When he does, we think he should have access to fine accommodations just like we do. And Austin is such a dog friendly town that people bring their furry friends with them everywhere here. That’s why The Fairview is a Dog Friendly Hotel. If you want to bring your four legged canine family member with you to visit The Fairview, they need to become a member of the Lucky Dog Club.

Lucky Dog Club Dog Friendly Rooms

Dog Friendly Accommodations

Members of the Lucky Dog Club are entitled to stay in their owners room. Upon arrival each member of the Lucky Dog Club will receive a special doggy goodie bag with treats and most important – a daily supply of doggy doo bags so their owners can help them keep the grounds of The Fairview and our neighborhood clean and pet friendly for all members.

Membership Rules

Membership in the Lucky Dog Club is somewhat exclusive, though. All members must be approved by the management of The Fairview, they and their owners agree to abide by the rules of the Lucky Dog Club, and pay a membership fee of $50 plux tax per stay.

  • Dogs are allowed only in rooms in the main house
  • All dogs must be on leash at all times both inside and outside the property
  • Dogs may not be left alone in rooms to bark
  • Crates for dogs are highly recommended
  • Each dog should travel with its own bedding
  • Dogs should be on regular flea medication
  • Proof of up to date vaccinations is required
  • Dogs should be walked daily and all waste picked up by owners

To apply for membership in the Lucky Dog Club, please have your owner contact The Fairview for a brief interview. Please call us at +1.512.402.6214 or email