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What’s more important in a hotel, Breakfast or the Bed?

If “Breakfast” is the longest word in “Bed & Breakfast” does that mean that the hotel breakfast served at a B&B is more important than the “Bed”? It really all depends on “what you stay for.

Many of our guests just want a good night’s sleep after a long day exploring Austin. With our quiet downtown location, organic mattresses, and silk filled pillows & comforters we think we have that part covered. Clearly though, some people choose to stay in a Bed and Breakfast because they want a little something extra. We think that ultimately boils down to personalized attention.

At most B&Bs, sitting down with the owners when breakfast is served is how they deliver that personalized attention. It’s a good time to get advice about local attractions or events, travel tips, and perhaps even make some new friends since all the guests sit together at the same table. These hotel breakfasts are often lavish affairs with multiple courses prepared by a chef. Guests rave about what a great dining experience they had before their day even started.

But what if you’re in a hurry and don’t have time for a leisurely breakfast? Or what if you’re the kind of person better left alone until you’ve had your 1st cup of coffee. Does that mean a Bed and Breakfast is not for you?

We don’t think so.

A great hotel breakfast means different things to different people.

Here at The Fairview, we put a lot of thought into what our guests might want and have taken a slightly different approach to a hotel breakfast than the usual Bed & Breakfast offering.

We definitely want to deliver that little something extra in the way of personalized attention that makes someone decide to stay in a B&B instead of a larger, impersonal hotel. To do that, we try to make ourselves available before our guests arrive, during their stay, and even after they depart. But sometimes, our philosophy of “Get what you stay for” means getting out of the way and letting you get breakfast for yourself, on your own time, or all alone if you prefer. Even David Lebovitz, one of Vivian’s favorite food writers, would rather have his hotel breakfast alone.

Worlds Best Eggs from Coyote Creek Farm served at The Fairview
Breakfast at The Fairview is served come and go buffet style. A selection of fresh fruit, hard boiled eggs, fresh baked muffins, homemade granola, whole milk, soy milk and a selection of nut milks, and juices are put out fresh daily between 7:30 am and 11:00 am. Whenever possible everything we serve is locally sourced and organic, like the Jeremiah Cunningham’s Worlds Best Eggs that we get from Coyote Creek Farms.

Want a little fresh air to start your day? Take your breakfast plate outside and sit at one of the tables on the back porch. Our gardens are always inviting and the birds in the morning are up before we are. Or maybe you have an early morning appointment and are running late. We’ll help fix you a to go bag so you can eat on the run.

For those of you with food sensitivities, allergies, or a specific diet, we can meet almost any need. Just be sure to let us know when you book your reservation and we will do our best to see that you “Get what you stay for“. Nobody leaves here hungry. (That’s even in our policies, take a look.)

A hot cup of coffee at The Fairview

Wait, wait – what about the Coffee?

We were so excited this last week to take delivery of our new Jura Impressa X9 Coffee Machine. This baby is the ultimate in self service fresh coffee. With just one push of a button it will grind the beans (regular or decaf) and add the right combination of fresh steamed milk to your cup for a cappuccino, cafe latte, double espresso, or even plain old black coffee. Some days, you might even be able to talk Vivian into making you a cup of our current favorite morning drink – Butter Coffee.

The coffee machine is available all day so you can have a cuppa Joe anytime you like.

At The Fairview, we think a great hotel breakfast means good food served when you want it with as much or as little personalized attention as you like. We hope you agree and will come have breakfast with us.

Or maybe just stop by for a coffee – anytime. Let us help you “Get what you stay for.