Hosting Events at The Fairview

We can host many different kinds of events including luncheons, dinners, receptions, and both indoor & outdoor weddings. The house can be arranged in many different ways and is quite comfortable for groups of less than 50 people (including catering & other staff). Since events typically make use of the entire property we do require booking the whole house for at least one night for weekday events and 2 nights for weekend events. Our event fees include setup/re-arranging of tables/chairs per your requirements plus cleanup after the event.

Catering for Events

We do not provide catering but can recommend or coordinate caterers / bartenders that you can hire. We require that you have a caterer for any meals and TABC certified bartenders if serving alcohol other than just beer & wine. (I’m still checking on whether that is required for BYOB alcohol – will let you know.) Caterers or servers are responsible for preparation and serving of food as well as cleanup of all serving dishes, etc. We only have a limited amount of place settings and we use that daily for breakfast that we serve so you would need to rent or provide your own. Our kitchen is available for food preparation and finishing but we do not have enough oven or refrigerator space for full cooking during events. Most caterers are well able to manage this so long as they are given advance notice.

Events Parking

We have private, uncovered, off street parking behind the main house with room for about 12 vehicles. Allowing for our own 2 cars plus staff vehicles, we still have enough space for 1 vehicle per room plus a couple to spare. For events, we do need to limit parking on the street in front of The Fairview. There is a parking lot just a couple of blocks away and it is possible to arrange guest parking with them. Guests can either make a short walk from there to The Fairview (approximately 1/4 mile) or you can hire a driver and a van or golf cart to shuttle them back and forth.