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All Over the Map!

Wow! How time flies when you’re having fun. We simply cannot believe that we’ve been open for two months already. (Actually, as I’m writing this it’s been 9 weeks, 6 days, plus a handfull of hours – but who’s counting?) In that time we’ve served a whole bunch of tasty breakfasts, hosted one wedding, played with a few babies, and met the most interesting people.

Some of what makes our guests so interesting is that they are quite literally from all over the map. Some came from other countries, some from other states in the U.S., and a few from right here in Austin came for a “Staycation“.

Here is a fun interactive map I put together showing where each of our guests come from. Hover over the dots to see the locations.

[show-map id=’1′]

No matter where they come from, or why they chose to stay at The Fairview, we’re glad they did. Hopefully they were all able to experience some of our “Get what you stay for” hospitality.

Come visit The Fairview so we can put you on the map.